Live in Love

Hey all! Earlier this week with Valentine's Day in route, I shared with you an older post on owning your singleness. Now I've had several people approach me since writing the last blog to inquire if I am against relationships. And let me be clear that is ABSOLUTELY not true. I'm actually what I like... Continue Reading →

Live to Free

Welcome to another Friday! Some of you may have seen a bit of buzz on social media yesterday around the #enditmovement. Yesterday was Shine a Light on Slavery Day, dedicated to raising awareness of modern day slavery. Slavery is a G L O B A L issue. But often times we forget that it also... Continue Reading →

Live to Change

Hi ladies, Today we're going to start a conversation that you might be thinking, "Man, I'm sick of talking about this." It's a topic of conversation that is pretty heavy in the news, in classrooms, in history, in politics, etc. It's everywhere. And while you may not love talking about it more, the conversation simply... Continue Reading →

Live Together

WE BACK. It's been a while since a #FridayontheBlog, hasn't it? With the holidays and the busyness that comes with that, I decided to put the blog on the back burner to focus on what was before me and remove any unnecessary obligations and stress from my life. BUT I'VE MISSED YOU! And now, here... Continue Reading →

How to Hygge

Hello hello! Happy Friday and what a week it's been! It seems like winter just hit us like a ton of bricks in the past few days. I feel like the first snow typically comes with a ton of buzz, but this year I just woke up and it was a winter wonderland without any... Continue Reading →

How to Live Minimally

It's that blessed day of the week again... Happy FriYAY! Real quick, can we just make note of how weird and off this week has been because of the time change? 3 of the last 5 nights I've thought myself, "Man. I really need to get to bed..." only to look at the clock and... Continue Reading →

How to Shop

Raise your hand if you want to change the world (. Ok now raise your hand if you don't know how. Ok now raise your hand if you wear clothes. Perfect. I bet most of you raised your hand three times. And if you didn't raise your hand for the last one.... maybe we need... Continue Reading →

How to be a Friend

Hi all! Today, we are talking about F R I E N D S H I P . And what a better way to talk about friendship than to hear from a pair of friends? So we're going to give something a try and see how this works. This blog is written by me (Emily)... Continue Reading →

How to be Single

Hello people of the World Wide Web. Welcome to the Live Collective Blog. Usually I am one of those people that likes to slowly ease into the personal, nitty gritty parts of my life but I just don't think I can wait any longer so today we’re going to jump right into the deep end... Continue Reading →

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